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The house that i’m currently staying in is a second-hand house, meaning that I bought it off from the seller previously. Like any second-hand house, there are some area or sections or places or anything that just doesn’t really suit your preferences — especially when one is concerned about the feng shuiIn order to put the pieces together, we needed to do a minor remodelling which I wouldn’t consider minor actually. Stairs were re-built to the deepest corner of the house, the kitchen re-designed, produced  additional bedrooms, etc. Before your mind started to wonder where I am going with this, I can assure you it’s not about what you think. Trust me.

It was a sunny day, clear skies with few clouds. The weather was hot and didn’t seem like it would change for the next few days either. Living in an equatorial territory did not seem that bad at all — still normal humidity amidst hot scorching sunny day. It was Saturday if I recalled correctly, my dad told me that he would check on the workers and invited me to accompany him because Sunday was holiday and if he needed something to be fixed, there would be no one there. I accepted his invitation. A couple hours past lunch time, he signaled me he was getting ready and so should I. We lived in a rented house not far so riding a motorcycle would sufficed.

As we reached there, my dad immediately busy looking for the supervisor and left me to whatever I felt like doing. I started appreciating the environment around the house, there were still trees which occasionally danced around by the wind’s calling. The sounds of children playing caught the back of my head as I glanced over and the kids were so full of themselves.


Not five minutes later, the chunky sounds of metal clapping together in a very systematic rhythm with different pitches caught to my attention. A couple of workers were outside trying to reshape a piece of long block of metal while some were still working inside. I started to stroll inside to have a glimpse of how far they had progressed. At the back of what-was-supposed-to-be-a-dining-room stood my father and the supervisor having a talk with the latter seemingly to be describing what he had in mind for our kitchen.

The flooring had been partially done on the first floor and suddenly I felt the urge to take a piss. I decided to go near them and asked for the bathroom.

“Is there a working bathroom?”

“Yes. Second floor.” He replied and pointed to the stairs.

The stair’s railing were not installed yet but the flooring was very well-done. With little trouble I managed to locate the bathroom. Since there was no one on the second floor, the electricity was cut-off, the lights were off. It was not like I needed it anyway. Upon reaching the bathroom, I couldn’t help but to notice something odd in front of the door.

“Winnie the Pooh?” I asked myself.

The bathroom door was made of wood and the top half equipped with a kind of glass where no one can see clearly from outside nor from inside. And Winnie The Pooh happened to just sit there facing downward. It was probably because the previous owner have kids, and next to the bathroom happened to be kids bedroom. Without thinking too much, I went inside, locked the door and took my stance before finally feeling……………relieved.

Some say one of the best feeling in the world is the moment where one get to pee after holding it for a very long time. I agree. It felt so good especially when there was nothing to distract my mind. It probably took me a couple of minutes before I was done and tried to get out. But to my surprise, the door didn’t open.

“What the hell?!”, I said to myself.

I didn’t panic. I was calm. I kept trying. But the door didn’t open. I pulled. I pushed. Still the door didn’t open. I tried every lock combination possible (there were only two by the way). Still it didn’t work. The time I spent to free myself took more time than the business I had while I was there. Did the door break? Or did the lock break? There were tons of questions flying over my head trying to figure out what was wrong. But none of them really helped with my situation. Then I was stuck, not sure how to break free. If you were thinking why didn’t I just give someone a call, it was because I didn’t bring my cellphone with me. It was supposed to be a quick trip!

Then I deduced all possible solutions to a couple of choices. Just sit and wait (someone was going to look for me right?) or keep trying (and break the door!). Well, after about ten minutes of trying, I heard someone was heading upstairs and called out my name.

“Dad! How do you open the door?”

“What? You were in there all the time?”

I could tell that he couldn’t believe that I just got myself trapped inside a bathroom and giggled for a bit.

“Yes, now would you please tell me how to open it?”

“Just turn it upward”

Apparently the door handle was rotated 180 degree when installed. Instead of turning handle down, I had to turn it upward in order to open the door. So damn simple!

“Oh my God!” I shouted.

Because in my whole life, the only way I know to open a door is by turning the handle downward, the idea of the opposite never ever crossed my mind. It was so embarrassing and funny at the same time. I had even thought about lock-picking it, kicking it, busting through it, but not the idea of turning the handle up instead.

Until today, if there is someone who has to use the bathroom on the second floor, I will always remember to make sure that my guest know how to not get trapped in my not-so-fun-while-trapped bathroom.

“So are you done? Ready to head home?”

If only I waited for just ten minutes longer, I probably wouldn’t have the idea to write about this moment.