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Every human being is governed by its own mind. True, our bodies do show signs about what they want, but in the end it’s up to us to decide so or otherwise. There were times where I let my mind took control by tag teaming with my emotion. You see, our minds play tricks all the time. They will always try to convince you to do what you don’t want or the other way around.

So, I tried to find ways to contain myself and control my own mind. Here are three advice that I always remember to do when it is trying to take over.

1. Remind yourself of the consequences

We are a product of consequences. Everything that happens, happens for a reason — be it good or bad. We are here today because of our past, because our actions in the past or the paths we took. If that was a left turn instead of right, things might have turned out differently — I probably wouldn’t write this instead.

Breaks are good for you!

Breaks are good for you!

By focusing on the consequences, we are focusing about the outcome, the result we wanted to achieve. And let it become the fire to burn our motivation. It’s easier to imagine the result rather than actually having the result instantly right?

2. Give your head a chance to cool down

Everything has it’s optimal operating temperature. Go too high and it will melt. Go too low and it will no longer work. It applies to almost everything. All those stress either from work, home, kids, bosses, solving problems, you name it, is going to put a toll on your body — especially your mind. You will easily get irritated over small stuff, you smile less and will be happy to pick a fight with the first person who annoys you. Pushing yourself too hard isn’t going to help as well.

Tea Anyone?

Tea anyone?

A cool head solves problems while a hot head finds problems. A hot headed person is like a walking dynamite with a very short fuse where everyone is holding a match. It’s just a matter of time before somebody accidentally explodes it. Cool it down by taking breaks, go on holiday or even submerging oneself into ice-cold water but it’s a convenient not applicable to every situation. Whenever I get caught up in a distress, I would take a break, breathe a lot of air and remember point number 1. Most of the time it works, but what if it doesn’t? Then it brings us to point number 3 below.

3. Accept the fact that there are things beyond your control

Let’s face it, we are not capable of doing everything by ourselves. Yes, we may try our best, but what if after all the agony of finding out what’s wrong with the car turns out to make the matter worse? Are you gonna spend more hours tinkering under the blazing sun without knowing whether it will or will not work? No amount of poking, kicking, swearing or even taunting will start a broken car. If it’s dead, it’s dead. Just give a tow car service a call and let it deliver it to a professional mechanic.

Which one is for high notes? Hmm..

Which one is for high notes? Hmm..

So next time, when after all those vigorous effort trying to find what’s wrong with something, say, your phone. Don’t just throw it out from the window — someone may be able to help. But if you really really want to know how your phone will look like when it breaks, go ahead.

Have you ever let yourself lose control?

— A.N.