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Modernization is placing traditional methods into the history book. Now everything is about efficiency. Remember when we still have to post our mails at the post office? Remember when we were taught how to write properly at school when we could barely hold a pen/pencil properly? Now everybody just marionette-ing their fingers across their keyboard to type anything. Move the cursor, click ‘send’ and within seconds, the new email is delivered to the recipient’s inbox. Or in my case, hit ‘Publish’ and Voilá! A new post is published. Efficiency at its best, right?

As a writer, ideas and thoughts could come up at just about anytime and anywhere. And they are any writer’s inspiration. Circumstances then dictates the next course of action which will determine whether that particular idea will be a material for hundreds or maybe thousands pairs of eyes to visualize or slumbering in the vast ocean of one’s memory waiting silently to be awaken. I tried typing them down on my smartphone as notes — one or two short sentences on a topic which serve as an ‘ignition’ later on. Most of the time they won’t come to fruition.

When I read them again, usually only a small fragment of the original idea persisted. It feels like the spark is gone, even though I can remember what it was about. But this is less likely to happen when I write them down with the old method and I’m not really sure why. Probably because in this case of typing, there is less ’emotion’ involved and only few sentences were saved — not long enough to describe the whole idea. This is also the reason I started writing a journal, not only to be ready for that spur of the moment but also keeping tabs of what might be interesting enough to be published in my blog. The goal is to keep the ‘ideas’ alive. One way or another.

I’m not sure if it’s a pen

Pertaining to above idea, have you ever find yourself struggling to write properly after weeks or maybe months from the last time you grabbed a pen? How about the signature that doesn’t look like yours after forgetting that pens still exist? There were times where I find it funny that I couldn’t even understand what I wrote because my handwriting was nothing more like scribbles, similar to the one you see on a prescriptions. Only sometimes worse, missing or deformed characters, or even numbers look like characters and vice versa. Now imagine if I was the doctor.

I finally decided to buy a better pen that is comfortable enough to keep me writing for a long duration. Because it tends to keep my thoughts flowing and my hand moving once a few scratches are initiated. So my pen is now ranked to be the third most carried stuff I have with me all the time, just after my cellphone and wallet. I know it sounds ridiculous but I don’t want to lose this pen. So don’t bother ask me to borrow MY pen, I know I won’t see it again if I did. I might buy you one if you ask nicely though.