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Have you ever tried to teach your parents how to use a smartphone? Or maybe the internet? Or have you notice how some older people are declining your offer to teach them any kind of new ‘technology’ and said “I’m too old for this?” I’m talking about people who have never seen or even heard about smartphone in their younger days. Now this may not be generalized to everyone out there (especially younger generations where the parents are still in the thirties or forties), but I’m sure some or maybe many of you experienced this kind of situation previously.

So what is my point here?

Both my parents are in their sixties, my dad refuses to make any acquaintance of any shape of smartphones. Anything that is related to PC/laptop is generalized as “Computer”, even tablet is called as one. He even has trouble operating the 5″ touch-screen head unit in our car, he doesn’t know how to ‘touch’. The only thing he knows is that it will ‘suck’ any CD if you properly align it into the opening slit and the video will be played automatically. MP3 is an alien term to him. My mom is not that much of a difference but managed to get herself to learn how to use an Android-based smartphone just recently; after my brother gifted her one.

Similar situation can also be observed in a corporate workforce where older people tend to ‘slow-down’ whenever there is an adoption of new technology or a major change is introduced in the corporate system. It’s not that they are stupid, lazy or do not have time to learn anything new. They simply choose to reject it whenever possible. Why? Remember the feeling on your first day at school after a long break from it? Multiply it by hundreds of time. The reason is that when you are forced to learn something new after many many years, it could be stressful. That’s also the reason why many people choose to quit just after a few hours in learning anything new. Quitting is much easier right?

But the thing is that our brain is not a computer, it will grow sluggish if you don’t use and train it constantly. Remember how we were not allowed to use calculators in math classes but still be able to solve difficult math questions? How about now? I bet most people always calculate how much they have to pay at the cashier using a calculator from his/her phone instead of using his/her head. What is wrong with using a calculator then? Nothing, really. If you want to spend your retirement days doing nothing at all but drinking in bars or sit in front of TV and do nothing, then go ahead. But are you sure you want to end up that way?

Like a zombie (sorry I had to use a zombie), it has access to everything its host has to offer and a functioning brain. But all it’s good at is eating brains and is here to eradicate man kind by eating up all the brains in the world. It gets so good at it that nothing can ever stop it (unless you chop it’s head off that is) nor it is capable of anything else.

We don’t have to end up like that. Maybe you tried writing (like I am) but you don’t have quit just because it’s hard or you think you have failed in writing. If you read this (thank you!), you may notice that my writing is not that good, but that will not stop me from learning how to write better, become a better blogger, etc. Unless after a few years and I still fail at blogging/writing, then I’ll start to look for something new to learn, maybe how to cook. Who knows? But I’m sure that when I’m allowed to age until eighty, I still want to be kicking ass.

Your brain will be ‘old’ when you allow it to be ‘old’.