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Who needs sleep?

It never ceases to amaze me how some people could just sleep wherever they want, whenever they want—literally. Give them five minutes, and wonderlands are charted faster than the shape of imagination can take forms. It’s like their biological clock is set on manual. Disappointingly, I couldn’t find that “manual override” button in my brain.

Although we all know sleep is fundamental to our healthy being; regeneration, memory mapping, information processing, and so on. The idea of sleep is just a waste of time, spending 6-8 hours on the bed doing nothing at all, not on our own free will. It will not be half bad if I could even choose which episode of Inception I could to take part in or totally avoid being chased by a starving Lion.

The thing is sleep has ways to mock people too. Tea helps they said.  Drink a cup of hot chamomile tea a couple hours before and you’ll be sleeping like a baby. Well, I recalled multiple instances where a cup of coffee worked the same wonder. Another troll is when you desperately need an-8-hour-sleep to tackle a mind-blogging occurrence, and you would be denied. The aftermath? You guessed it. Panda eyes!

My imagination

My imaginary wonderful morning after a good night sleep

I won’t sleep if I could, who needs sleep? But my body doesn’t allow it and sleep deprivation isn’t exceptionally pleasing as well. So I’m wondering, for those who can fall asleep faster than a Flash, what’s your recipe? Which imaginary buttons do you push?