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WRITING 101, DAY FOUR : Serial Killer Part#1

The challenge on Day Four is to post about what we was once part of our live that no longer is. How it felt, why it happened and what changed because of it.

Here it goes.

The Center of Gravity

Once upon a time, there was a band of three high-school brothers who would just to do almost anything about always together. No matter what they do, where they go, they will always satisfy the mutual relationship one will find in any business venture –sort of.

In a somewhat clear Friday afternoon, a particular black sedan -like any other normal car one would expect- went down a busy street where the coffee shops around were just being set-up preparing for busy after office-hour crowds.

“Guys, what are we doing tonight?” asked Ryan, the 18-year-old kid sitting with his legs up and folded on the backseat. Leaning his shoulder and head toward the right window, glancing at people walking at the sidewalk, wondering why he was still single despite all his effort to impress women of his age. His somewhat thin shape will turn anyone’s mind to wonder if he was a person with good appetite.

“I have no idea. I’m fine with anything though. But can we do something that cost little to no money, please?” pleaded Arthur with two hands occupied by his hand-held device which appeared to make a quick and short high-pitch noise every time he pressed the buttons, without bothering to move his eyes. Arthur is the ‘geek’ where he was always the one to turn to whenever someone has any question needed to be answered scientifically or logically, or at least that was what he believed.

“Hey, what do you think we should do tonight?” Looking to his right, sat the driver, the only guy in the pack who happened to own a driving license.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it Art. It’s Friday night, I’ll buy you a drink later if nothing happens” the guy with a driving license proudly replied. He always does that, not only because he has the right to, but he wanted the other two respected him more than they gave him as he was the oldest.

For a moment, all that was heard were whirring from the engine running as the car slowing down considering the red-light ahead has signaled a warning to stop as the intersection was closing in in forty-five meters and the soft whooshing noise the air-conditioner made as the knob was pointed to “ON”. Nobody that actually noticed why it was so chilly that particular afternoon, maybe because nobody did really care.

“Whatever we are going to do or not do tonight, firstly let’s find someplace to eat, shall we? I’m hungry”, said the guy with a driving license as he slowly raised his left hand to turn the radio on concurrently with the car. It was already preset to 90.9FM “B-Radio”, the Badass Radio in town.

“… And now, it’s time for the three-for-five!” shouted Uncle Ben, the presenter with a low tonal voice but highly spirited. Three-for-five is the term from the radio station which every Friday at five afternoon. There will be only one person given three chances to answer one question –normally a riddle provided by the presenter under 30 seconds.

“If you think you have what it takes to win this…” followed by a 3-second pause.

“WHAT THE FUCK?! Oh you guys are not going to believe this! I can’t believe this!” he shouted again.

The last sentence has piqued everyone’s interest wondering how Uncle Ben might surprise them.

“This is by far the most insane reward I will have to hand over to a winner today!” he excitedly continues.

“One person today will win a trip for two, to the moon. Yes you heard me right, the MOON!”

“Art, go call the station now! No matter what the question will be, at least we have to be able to get through first, think later!” Ryan suddenly switched his sitting position while poking Arthur’s shoulder.

“Nah… Why would I go to the moon anyway? Why don’t you call them yourself? You have a cellphone right?” Arthur annoyingly replied.

“Seriously, even if you didn’t want to go, you could sell the ticket, no?” The guy with a driving license now seriously gazed at Arthur. “Here, you can use my cellphone if you want to”, while handing out his cellphone.

“I said NO, at least let’s listen to the…” before Arthur had the chance to finish his sentence and completely ignored what Uncle Ben had to say.

“It’s a riddle, and here it goes. What is the center of gravity?” Uncle Ben questioned.

“Ugh… It’s a hard one” Arthur mumbled while ignoring his hand-held game now, the noise didn’t seem to bother him at all.

“Damn it!” The guy with a driving license shouted while banging at the dashboard.

The traffic light has turned green for 10 seconds now and few cars behind had been honking wondering why the cars in front didn’t budge.

“I know the answer! I know the answer!” Ryan excitedly jumped forward trying to grab the cellphone.

“What?! How? What’s the answer?” Arthur asked skeptically while frowning his eye brows.

“What’s the phone number again?” Ryan starring blank at Arthur while preparing to press the key.

“… and we have a winner here! Congratulation Mr. Bank, you have just won the tickets to the Moon! Now please don’t hang up as our staff member will need your contact information” were the last sentences all three of them heard from Uncle Ben that day as Arthur voluntarily turned the radio off.

The next five minutes went by quietly and silent as Arthur and Ryan both couldn’t help regretting that they were the ones that should have won the tickets to the moon. Deep in their thoughts, they both knew if only one of them made the call sooner. The particular black sedan has been wondering aimlessly going straight for 10 minutes now, and the guy with a driving license broke the silence by asking, “So… What are we doing tonight?”

To Be Continued…