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Writing 101, Day Three

So as the challenge suggested, there will be no censors, no thinking, just let it go -all in 15 minutes. Here I go.

I am going to put “Read More” here in case you changed your mind and not going to read this. But if this still doesn’t change your mind, well, You have been warned!

You know them right?

Everyone always wanted to have something to hold on to in their life, anything as long as it’s something. I remember a quote saying “The one who doesn’t hold onto anything, will fall for everything”. People who don’t have something to hold on to will either go sideways, forward, backwards, anywhere. This will lead to many possible outcomes depending on the circumstances. This is why we see many teenagers, not only teenagers, but also grown-ups commit to drugs, violence, just to let all those void inside means something to them.

When one is in a deep desperation, fear is becoming one’s best friend. If you hold onto it tight enough, you might embrace it. Fear invites devils, so I was lucky it wasn’t the case for me. Songs are my life, I dont’ think I can live without listening to music. It holds so many inspirations even I tried to write my own songs back in college days. Too bad I didn’t learn or didn’t try hard enough to learn guitar. Or how to play it :D. But I always wanted to be a song-writer, that was when I was still young. I experienced many problems in life (hell, who doesn’t?) but songs are one the of the reason I managed to pull myself backup. So whenever you are feeling down, listen to the songs which will inspire you.

The three songs I had in my mind before I started this article was mostly about love and life. we are all human beings, love is an unseperatable in our lives. We experienced love ever since we were still a newborn. Thus we will always need love througout our lives. I honestly lost count of how many attempts I managed just to find the ones or one I love truly. But life is not easy and it will never be. It wll just get rougher and tougher, and I’m lucky I havefound the special one in my heart. Well she’s literally lying on the bed thinking of when will i go to bed at this very moment.

I have been chasing girls my whole life (well not literally, since I am married now) but i can say that almost 95% of the time, I failed. Thus I always looked for songs that could cure a heartbreak or just a slow soothing song. I’m starting to run out of idea to write now but I still have about 5 mins to go. okay, um… Oh, the most important turning point in my life previously was when I decided to try and live on my own (without involving any girl-chasing or heartbreaking events) , within weeks I fuond my perfect pretty wife. It’s quite funny actually, because there was a few moments in my life I thought that if I didn’t get that girl I wanted so bad, my life would be meaningless. But I think it’s just a process of growing up. Learning how to let go was not an easy process. And i’m so grateful I hav the strength and will-opwer to move on with my life.

3 mins left on the clock. it’s 10:27PM now and I won’t be able to sit in front of my computer checking other people’s blogs and posts after I’m done with mine. So I’ll just get to it tomorrow. I hope this is one of my life experience I (someday) will be able to share to people who are actually in need of love or life advice. that’s also one of my purpose writing this blog. Because I’m also one very forgetful person, this blog will also serve as my memory bank, with good wording and minimal pictures, or sometimes the pictures are not even related to what I wanted to portray, but who cares? As long as the message is being delivered right?

Well when did it turn to a rambling post? I think I wll stop now, as it’s 3 seconds left.. DING! Alarm went off. Hav fun reading!

Bonus : Here are the Three Songs I think made an impact in my life.

  1. To Be With You by Mr. Big
  2. Angels by Westlife (Original Song by Sarah McLachlan)
  3. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls