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Writing 101, Day Two : A Room with a View (Or Just A View)

A Version of Paradise

“………………Hey, do you hear me?”, her soft and gentle poke to my back woke me up from my day-dreaming. I can see her eyes stared deep into mine wondering where did I just go. “Oh sorry! This bliss just sent my mind flying” I replied while giving her a very big smile while gently strokes her hair down. “This is our paradise”, she said while leaning her head to my shoulder.

This very moment is why I’m feeling so peaceful, I told myself. We both wished time could at least tick just a little slower in where we are now. Sitting on a wooden bench, we can hear birds chipping on the pine trees behind our cabin. Occasionally we can see tiny waves carried over by the cold breeze on a river in front and splashed under our wooden porch. The haze in our far view slowly uncovers what it is hiding behind. The bulky and greenish-blue mountain greets us with the warm of the morning sunlight as it slowly peeps through the horizon. Take a very deep breath and a mixture of fresh scent from the pine trees with a hint of freshly brewed aromatic robusta coffee just beside me blends perfectly as it slowly inhaled into my lungs.

“This place is just majestic!” I exaggerated a little with my wife -half-asleep- waking up surprised of what just happened. “I wish we can just stay like this forever”, she whispered softly. She then kisses me gently as the raindrops start to fall and we have no choice but to quickly take shelter inside our cabin.


– A.N.