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Writing 101 – Day#1

Unlocking The Mind – An Arbitrary post

Since it’s about what’s in my mind, then I have two major topics I wanted to quickly go through.

First Thought

Of course the first thing is that I’m excited about this Writing 101 thing. I missed the April 2014 challenge and was expecting for a new challenge to come by and here we go! I spent around 2 weeks just to come up with a new blog name. My original blog was about gaming reviews only because I had an idea about running an online gaming shop. But after a few weeks and a couple of posts, I started to feel that writing is actually fun and I have these trains of thought I want to pour in my blog. That’s why I decided to change my blog name from geysergaming.wordpress.com to arbitrarynotes.wordpress.com.

My goal from this challenge is to build a blogging habit, interact with people (fellow bloggers) and hopefully kindred spirits. I have come across many awesome blogs which I instantly pressed “Follow” and read most of their posts. One thing that I notice is how they are so good with words, the writing tone, and able to prove a point with shortest sentence possible. This is one of the area I still can improve on, since English is not my mother tongue but I won’t use it as an excuse. I have learned a lot of new words ever since I started my blog.

Second Thought

And just a couple months from the start of my blog, I have this crazy idea that I want to write short stories and hopefully a science-fiction novel one day. My curiosity about science is just insatiable. I can spend hours procrastinating just by reading from wikipedia alone! But before one can write, one must be able to read! That’s my second goal I hope to achieve by joining this challenge.

So, this is my first post on Day One. Looking foward to Day Two.

— A.N.