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The Balance of Universe

I bet most of you have ever at least once, give a thought or imagined about what is it like out there in the universe. Well, I do too but this is not a science or any history lesson about the universe. Just my view about the balance in the universe.

Universe is just way too big and humans have little comprehension about the universe in its entirety, the scale is too big to literally explore and unravel what’s out there. As much as how humans and cats curiosity go, the universe will and can not wait for us to study and uncover everything, not in anyone’s lifetime.

There are more than 6 billions people living on the face of Earth and yet if there is an another life form out there millions of light years away, they probably don’t even know we existed. We, humans are currently living because the universe is currently holding-on on its balance. The earth is rotating and revolving because of gravity (just to keep it simple), the Sun is there because our Solar System was born approximately 13.8 billion years ago.

Can you find where we are?

Can you find where we are? (Image credit to wikipedia)

Finally, a series of -very long- chain events bring me to this moment where I am typing this post. And there will be another chain of events which will bring you to read this post. Everything we do today is -in a general point of view- actually set in motion by obviously many series of chain events, like how Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy would eventually collapse in 4 billion years from now.

My point is, we have to understand that all the good things and bad things happened due to many reasons which lead to a balance. Could you imagine if all the people in this world are good guys? There will be no laws, no police officers, no weapons. It could be good or bad depending on your view. But could you imagine if all the people in this world are bad guys? Probably we won’t have 6 billions people by now.

So what do you think? Please share your thoughts below.