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‘’Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.’’– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We, humans, have the tendency to question everything especially when we have no understanding about what it is. But if all ever we do is to think, our thoughts alone can’t bring us anywhere closer to our goal. Here is what the quote inspires me.


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Humans are far superior than all the living organism in the Earth, one of the reason is our power to reason. Originally I wanted my blog to be specific about gaming only. Game reviews, gaming hardware reviews and anything related to it. The reason is that I love gaming, and I do play games a lot. I read lots of reviews but sometimes the reviews didn’t answer what I’m looking for. Thus the reason I started this blog. Then one of my friend asked me about my purpose of writing a blog. In my mind, the answer is to share what I’m passionate about, sharing my point of view and ultimately helping others before purchasing any gaming product. Then I realized that this is what I’m good at, helping people; or to be precise, guiding people. As we all know the decision maker is always yourself. In the process, I also found out that writing is actually fun too! Why not do both at the same time?


We all have life experience of our own, be it good or bad. Different stage in life also means different life problems, different difficulties. When I was a teen growing up to be an adolescent, love was the major life experience for me. I even reached to a point where I didn’t think life was worth living if I didn’t be with who I thought was the love of my life. But life moves on, I moved on and now I’m married for almost three years and are still happy. What did I do to accept the fact that I had to move on? Letting it go! Holding on to the past won’t let me get to the future, and certainly will not change a thing. Now I’m almost 30, and experiencing another life problem. I don’t have the exact answer to it, and certainly do not know what the future might might bring. One thing I know for sure is I know what I wanted to do, where I am going. I can’t see the end of my journey, but I see the stairs. All that’s left is to step on the first step and I just did.

First Step

As I’m learning and figuring it out as I move forward, I read about this article here by Amy Lynn Andrews about “How to decide what to blog about”. On the last section she mentioned about one common fear for bloggers. We all worry about making the ‘wrong choice’, and it’s true even in a broader, general term. It even took me days just to post the very first post of my blog as I was worrying about the content. Was it appealing enough? Would anyone even bother to read it? Was there too many words? Thoughts like that kept me occupied for days before I finally hit the “WTF” button in my brain and finally hit “Publish”. I still do have worries like that but it’s getting less and less. And now I’m trying to achieve my 2-post-in-a-week goal.

First step is more important than standing still and do nothing. What if my choice is wrong? What if my decision is not correct? Well I will just do what I always do, treat it as a life lesson and move on. Life is too short to be wasted on worrying about stuff that might or might not happen.

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So what was your first step that changed your life? Share your thoughts below!