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Every now and then we often hear about the word “passion”. A quick Google search for it’s definition brings two contrasting meanings. The topic of this post is about the familiar one though, Strong and Barely Controllable Emotion. Explore further about “How to find your passion” will result in similar content. Some of you might have found and living your passion at the moment but I’m sure there are lot more who are still hesitant and dubious. Can’t shake the feeling of uncertainty.

I have lived my life like ‘normal’ people would have hoped for so far. Finished school, found a good job, get married and settled down. It sounds perfect right? But is it the life that I want? Waking up every morning feels hard, setting my feet off to work is even harder. Everything feels bland, purposeless, goalless. My job feels nothing more than exchanging time for money in order to survive, continue living. Well, it wasn’t until recently I noticed change is imminent. But how did I notice it? What are the signs?

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My desk is way worse than just post-its

A. When you always expect time to fly-by, your life will too

Time doesn’t wait, it will always tick at the same pace, whether you like it or not. When you always look at your watch and hope time will fly fast enough so office hour will be over soon, then your life will be too. The difference is, you have just wasted your life for nothing, while you can always continue your work tomorrow. We often hear people say “Ugh, it’s still Monday, I wish tomorrow will be Friday already”, maybe you are one of them. If your wish had been granted, you would have spent Tuesday through Thursday for nothing. In an instant, years will gone by and all of the sudden you realized “What have I done all these years? Nothing!”. The sooner you realize, the better. Time is the only currency that everybody was born with, so don’t waste it.

B. Invest your time and it’s never too late

There is great article by Oliver Emberton, “Life is a game. This is your Strategy Guide“. And everything he had said is surprisingly accurate. If you want to be good at something, you have to invest your time in it. Some might argue “but I’m too old to study” or “but it’s too late for me!”. Well if you are 30 and aiming to become a professional soccer player, it is too late. Why? You are probably lacking behind in terms time investment , think of Lionel Messi who started at the age of 5. Other than that, you still have time. Stan Lee created the entire Marvel Universe at the age of 44, it’s never too late. There are plenty of skills you can still learn, want to be a great painter? Pickup a drawing class and start there! This will lead to another question where people will ask themselves, “But I don’t know what my passion is!” If Picasso didn’t start painting at the age of 8, he probably wouldn’t be one of the greatest painter of all time.

C. Start doing something is better than doing nothing

Passion is not something that you discover, it will find you. But first, you have to start to do all the dirty work. You think photography is cool? Start taking pictures, tons of it! You have a circle of friends who loves to cook? Learn and experiment! You think you have a good voice? Start attending to your local singing class! If in the end–after thousands of picture-taking–you feel it’s not for you, don’t worry. You can always switch to other thing that interest you more! At least you will become the reliable person where your friends will turn to when taking good pictures. The point is that doing nothing will get you nowhere, find what are the things that attracts you and start there.

D. Nothing is instant

Unless you are exceptionally talented or gifted since you were born (like Albert Einstein or Elvis Presley), chances are that you will find that your efforts in doing all the things above are probably resulting in nothing. If you expect to just investing a few hours and the see results immediately, then it’s probably not your passion. Passion is the fuel that keeps you going, because it’s fun, it’s what keeps you engaging and it’s definitely feel more like playing than working. If Stephen King had given up when his first novel was rejected, he probably wouldn’t be one of greatest novel writer today.

E. Don’t just follow your passion

Now this is the most crucial part, “Don’t just follow your passion”. Cal Newport explains in depth about what he means here. In short, cultivate your passion is a better way to put it. Otherwise, you would have stopped when you have found your passion and do nothing to develop it further.

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I hope we could all wake up and realizing what is that one thing that ‘fuel’ us. What we are most passionate about and enjoy life!

Sow how did you find out what your passion is? Share your thoughts below!