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“Take part in an epic and ever-changing FINAL FANTASY as you adventure and explore with friends from around the world. Experience all the hallmarks of the best-selling franchise – airships, chocobos, moogles, and more!” — Quote from the official website.

Yes.. That' a Chocobo!

Yes.. That’ a Chocobo!

Since this is a big title MMO-RPG, there are lots to talk about so I’m going to separate it into three Chapters.

Chapter  I   – Prelude

Chapter  II  – Content, Content and Content!

Chapter  III – Is it worth your time?


Many of you probably have either heard or played the Final Fantasy (Fainaru Fantajī — that’s Japanese in case you are wondering) series over the years. The most popular titles are probably Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, where the Final Fantasy titles started to get a lot attention (at least that is what I noticed). Even Square Enix made a full-CG movie based on the Final Fantasy VII storyline (Final Fantasy : The Advent Children). It was also probably due to the fact that Sony Playstation was a very big hit in the market. Playstation is probably one of the biggest change in gaming history (remember the old Atari or Nintendo times?). And now it’s the Fourteenth series of the title, being their third MMO-RPG ever released (FFXI Online being the first). Although it’s numbered, it doesn’t mean that they are related to one another (but sometimes you may see some cameo appearances).

Can I has Purple hair too?

Is that FFXIII’s Lightning?

Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn (or 2.0) has launched in Aug 27, 2013 and it is a Pay-to-Play with monthly subscription (just like World Of Warcraft). But before that Square Enix (SE) has actually introduced the original Final Fantasy XIV (1.0) back in September 20, 2010. The 1.0 was a disaster, forced SE to announce that they had to redesigned the whole game. I personally didn’t get the chance to try it out (that’s why I won’t talk much about it) but after reading many reviews, feedback and watched players-uploaded videos, it was seriously terrible. Things got very complicated, the UI was a mess, gameplay was crappy, etc.

Then this one guy called Naoki Yoshida took over the helm of Director and 2.0 started to develop fantastically. Gameplay was revamped, the whole engine reworked and it totally feels like a DIFFERENT game that’s actually playable comparing to 1.0. He listened to what the fans wanted (during the beta days), what was being massively discussed, how to improve the quality of life, why not put this or that (you get what I mean), etc. The fans love him just as much as they love the game itself!

Yup! That's the guy..

Yup! That’s the guy..

For those who pre-ordered the game before Aug 27, 2013 earned themselves a full week ahead for a head-start before the official launch and some bonus in-game items. The minute the server was live, it was amazing, the fans were ecstatic! The server were over-packed, some people were locked out and unable to login. You would considered yourself lucky if you could even play the game (I was one of the lucky ones!) The servers were always full, even if you managed to login, the server queue was crazy! You actually could see the queue number in minus (yes minus and i’m not lying).

Told you i'm not lying

Holy !@*&

Then things started to go crazy, the fans got angry because they couldn’t play due to impossible server queue and the infamous Error 3012 struck. The error forced the player unable to log back in but the server still think that the character is still online. There were thousands (maybe even more, like hundred thousands maybe?) of people getting the error 3012. SE requested people experiencing the error to post in the forum so that they can manually release the characters one by one. This again struck another problem, the players then post in the forum almost concurrently bringing the forum server down. The players were angry, SE had no immediate solution to fix the problem, it was horrible. These 2 major problems forced SE to stopped all sales until they fixed the server. Even Yoshi-P (that’s the nickname for Naoki Yoshida) had to apologize to the fans in person. Pointing out that he didn’t expect the reception was this huge considering the failure of 1.0.

Here is the video where he cried (he did!) while apologizing to the public.

Well I know you guys are probably bored already, so let’s get started to the good stuff, chapter II! Which can be found here.

Have you guys played this game during the “Early Access”? Did or did you not get affected by the Error 3102? Please share your thoughts below!